When God Sends You A Memo

Being discouraged is a constant battle for all of us.  Even the most positive gurus out there will tell you that positive choices have to be made daily.

But recently, I've been discouraged.  Not the kind of, "I want to quit my life and go live in a cave." kind of discouragement.  But the type that just irritates you like a mosquito buzzing your ear.  You keep trying to kill it, but all you do is end up smacking yourself.

So out of the blue, in the last couple of days, a few people have gone out of their way to encourage me in some specific areas.  Areas that, to be quite honest, I was getting a little frustrated in.

Jesus loved to give praise.

Jesus said that his cousin John the Baptist was the greatest prophet.
He commended Peter concerning his faith.
He praised Martha for listening to him while he taught.  
In the end, we want to hear Jesus say to us.  (Matthew 25:23) ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.

Jesus rewarded with love. 

He gave His words of wisdom, guidance, and affirmation.
He gave His through His acts of healing, generosity, and compassion.
He gave His life.  Period.

PRAY: Dear Jesus, I need a memo.  AMEN