When God Messes Your Plans Up

What a day we experienced at FFWC yesterday.  The Holy Spirit moves in the hearts and lives of many people.  Some have already contacted me to say, "The Spirit really messed everything up!"  I have to chuckle because I have, "been there and done that."

So often we pursue our plans and desires only to have God stop us and say, "Not so fast!"  Now I could write a book about this, but let' see if I can get you through this in less than five minutes.

All the greats had their plans changed.
Hey Abraham, move your family far away.
Hey Moses, go back to Egypt.
Hey David, run from King Saul until you are king.

God changes your plans when you are headed in the wrong direction.  On occasion, we're just blundering along in life, not paying attention and get off track.

God keeps you from making a mistake.  A little like the previous one, but here you have the right idea, you're just doing it at the wrong time.

God pulls you out of your own selfishness.  God will stop you from destroying yourself.  Even followers of Christ can fall into selfishness.

God sends you somewhere greater.  Well, it's more significant to Him.  God has a plan for you.  While you see a desert, God sees a nation.  While you see death, God sees life.

The good news!  If any of this is happening to you, then rejoice.  Only people who are open to receive what the Holy Spirit is saying to them actually get their plans messed up.

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, I give you permission to mess my plans up, speak to me.  AMEN


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