Timing is Everything

The old saying that "timing is everything" is true.  Ever tried to give your order at the drive-thru only to hear the static voice from the other end say, "Can I take your order?"

Change is inevitable.  I've said before.  You can choose the change that you desire, or change will pick it for you - badly.  But the question always is, when and how?

Let's address when.  At the risk of oversimplifying let's look at 2 significant reasons to change.  Pain and God said so.

When you surpass your threshold of pain, you will change.  That's why you see some people making changes to their lives as often as they change their socks.  Low threshold.  It's also the reason why you see some people live in painful relationships or careers for long periods of time.  High threshold. 

Ask yourself this.  Where is your threshold and do you want to go there?  If the answer is no.  Then, now is the time to change.  

God said so.  When God directs us to make changes in our life, He means now!  Rarely it is convenient or comfortable.  Think of it this way.  Your driving down the road and someone loses control in front of you.  You radically and suddenly drive the car to avoid becoming part of the accident.  Gives new meaning to the song, "Jesus take the wheel."

Now, how do you do it? Proverbs 14:22  Do they not go astray who devise evil?  Those who devise good meet steadfast love and faithfulness.

Know your God-given priorities.  If God doesn't put your priorities into the right order, you will most likely put them in your selfing order. 

Believe that God will bless His priorities and pray for a plan of action.  Don’t assume anything.

Faith is a process.  Trust the process and be patient.  Submitting to Gods plans from a heart of humility will get you farther than the best laid plans of mice and men. 

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, help me to change and help me to make the right changes.  AMEN