Fear Is Always Bigger . . .

Fear is always bigger than reality.

Fear is a powerful thing in our minds.  Will see like me?  Will I fail?  Ane they going to hurt me?  Will I succeed?

Psalm 147:5 Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure

I’ve had a saying that has served me well, “You can’t be fearfully r and faith do not play well together.  In fact they will do all they can to eliminate the other.  

So, how do you deal with the fear and live by faith?  

Be careful what you focus on.  Keep you eyes on Jesus and don’t sweat the rest of it.  You’re not controlling as much as you think anyway.  Give it all to Him.

Feed your faith.  Keep your faith stronger than your fears.  This takes work, but the reward is worth it.

Take every thought captive.  You will feel fear before you can think about it.  Don’t be afraid of fear, it can’t hurt you.  Don’t let it run your life.

PRAY Dear Jesus, I love you and I trust you.  Help build my faith today.  AMEN.