Attitude Is Everything

Right now I am sitting in a public meeting about street development.  And people say church is boring?  Ha!

As I sit here I can hear the conversations and comments being made.  A few people talking about their kids and what they did this weekend.  A few talking shop and many complaining about the changes being purposed.

Attitudes run all over the place, from good to bad.  So what do I do?

1 Pet 3:13 Now who is there to harm you if you are zealous for what is good?

Listen first talk later.  Many bad attitudes are defeated through listening not debate.

Listen to facts not feelings.  We will get to feelings in a moment.  But find out what is happening.  Make sure you understand clearly.

Acknowledge feelings with value, but you our not required the own them.  Not all attitudes are good so guard your heart.

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, send the Holy Spirit to guard my heart.  AMEN


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