When Life Throws You A Curve Ball

The curveball dates back to the 1860's and 70's.  Even though it is debatable who came up with it, baseball tradition has credited it to Candy Cummings. 

The curveball is a tough pitch to hit because it never comes in a straight line but in a curve.   Not I found it interesting that Harvard President Charles Eliot thought it was dishonest to use the curveball and didn't want his students to partake in it.  

"That's not fair!"  How many times have you heard your children say that?  How many times have you said that?  You know what, you're probably right.  We usually have a pretty good idea of what is fair and isn't.  But the truth of the matter is, life doesn't care.  

God is always fair. He will remember how you helped his people in the past and how you are still helping them. You belong to God, and he won’t forget the love you have shown his people.  Heb. 6:10 (CEV)

God is fair.  But His definition of fairness and yours are different.  

Is it fair that Jesus sent to the cross for your sins?  No
Is it fair that Jesus has to intercede for every stupid thing you've done to destroy your life? No
Is it fair that Jesus had to suffer for your trials and tough times?  No

But He did.  Why?  Because He loves you so much that He didn't want you to have to live without hope.  You see, fairness will never be able to give you hope.  Only Christ can.  

He gives you eternal life. 
He gives you His mercy and grace. 
He gives you the Holy Spirit to empower you and help you. 
He gives, He gives, and He gives because He loves you. 

And even though you don't quite understand it - that's what fair is. 

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, life is throwing me a curveball, but I know that you will always be there for me when I strike out.  AMEN