John 13:35 By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

In Jesus' day disciples were the best form of advertisement for a local religion.  You can see some of this in the New Testament.  Pagans (people who believed in false gods) were known for their sexual immorality (which in some temples was a form of worship), being materialistic, worshipping creation and abusing their bodies in various ways.

Jesus wanted His disciples to be known for their love for each other and for others.  In other words, if someone were kind, compassionate and fair, in a world full of immorality and injustice, people would know they were a follower of Jesus.

Nothings changed.

We still live in a world of immorality and injustice.
We still know "disciples" of the world by their actions.
When we love others, the world takes notice.  Sure they may mock it, ridicule it and even call us naive.  So what can we do?

Don't try to win THE world.  Try to win YOUR world.  Love the people you have the privilege of coming into contact with.

Determine what you will do before you do it.  Love doesn't happen by accident.  Be purposeful.  Think about the things you are going to do today and ask yourself.  Where can I make a difference?  It doesn't have to be big and grand.  Small and simple will do just fine.

Worship God before you go out into the world.  Taking time to connect with the presence of God will fill your heart with His love.  That love is powerful.  Let it do what it does best.  Change lives.

PRAY: Dear Jesus, I worship You and ask you to fill my heart with Your love.  Now help me share it with my world that needs You.  AMEN