I Almost Saw Jesus

My first car was a Chevy Nova.  I loved that car and it ran great.  Except for about once a month, it would start idling rough and cutting out on me.  So, once a month, I would have to take it out on a stretch of road and run it wide open.  After that, I would be good for the next month.

One day as I am driving home the engine started to get a little rough so I decided to give it a good run.  I was on a stretch of road that was unoccupied and I had plenty of room.  So I punched it.  All was well until I saw that stop sign.  The stop sign at the end of a street. I had to go left or right.   I'm going way to fast to stop and way to fast to turn.  I thought the end was near.

I stood on the brakes, moved the car as far to the left as I could, glanced to my left to see if there was any traffic, (God was looking out for me because there was none.) Made a right-hand turn that took all four lanes of the road and landed it.

Well, I never did that again.

While driving home I kept saying to myself, "You idiot!  You would have died."  Then I thought about the conversation that Jesus and I would have upon my arrival.  I could hear Him now, "Really?"  Well, that's what my 16-year-old brain was telling me.

James 4:14 Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.

Life is short.  Now that I am 54 I understand that.  Life is precious and shouldn't be handled recklessly.  

Take the time to make valuable friendships in your life.  Then work at keeping them healthy. 
Discover God's purpose and will for your life.  Then do it with all of your heart. 
Enjoy what God has given you.  He is your provider and gave it for your enjoyment. 

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, let me learn how to appreicate my life everyday.  AMEN