Trusting God - Yea You Can Do It

Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God. ...

There are a few things about God you should know. 

- He likes to show off.  No not in some kind of arrogant, showy way.  He loves to show off His love and mercy to us.  

- He loves us.  He really, really, really loves us.  To say that He would move a mountain for you is accurate.  Matthew 17:20 

- He doesn't get as angry as you think.  Yea, you mess up, but He isn't up in heaven with a 9 iron waiting to tee your head off every time you make a mistake.  Sometimes, He just points them out and then shows you the way through it.  

- He thinks you are valuable.  As a follower of Jesus, He has a plan for you.  No, you are not some insignificant cog in a big machine.  You are essential to what He wants to do in the lives of others.  He really needs you - because He wants you.  

He gives and gives and gives.  The closer you get to Him the more He gives to you.  Wisdom, love, grace, knowledge, spiritual gifts, hope, clarity, purpose (and that's the short list.) 

Trust Him today.  You'll discover more than you have ever hoped or dreamed for. 

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, I'm going to trust you today.  AMEN