I didn't have time for whatever she was carrying on about.  We were late, and I was in a hurry.

Honey!  Come over here I need you to look at me!

We were dating at the time, and I was very annoyed at whatever was going on.  I wanted to take her to the circus that was in town.  She had never been to a circus, and I was looking forward to sharing the joy of funny clowns and daring acrobats.  But standing there beside the car she kept saying.  "Look at me!"  I said, "Later, let's go."  "No!" she cried out.  "Come here and look at me!"  Finally, I gave in, walked over to her side of the car to see that she had closed and locked the door on her finger.  OUCH!  Long story short.  I sprung into action.  Unlocked the door.  Ran inside and asked for a first aid kit.  They didn't have one. (Now that I think about it, what kind of circus doesn't have a first aid kit?) Got some paper towels.  Rapped her bleeding finger up.  Went to the college nurse.  Immediately went to the doctor and 2 hours and 3 stitches later, we were on our date again.

I've asked her before, "Why didn't you say, 'Help me! I've shut my finger in the car door!'"  She has always said, "I knew that if I could get you to look at me, you would do something."  She was right.

John 12:45 And whoever sees me sees him who sent me.

Jesus made it clear that if we looked at Him, we would see the Father.

So many people today want to know God, but they don't want to accept Jesus.  Then they wonder why they cannot have a relationship with the Father?

When Jesus says, Look at me!  We see the Fathers mercy.
When Jesus says, Look at me!  We see the Fathers love.
When Jesus says, Look at me!  We see the Father's heart for us.
When Jesus says, Look at me!  We see Him hanging on a cross and our sins exposed for all to see.
When Jesus says, Look at me!  We see Him with arms wide open asked us to follow Him.
When Jesus says, Look at me!  We see Him standing beside the Father interceding for you and me.

But if you refuse to look - you will never see.

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, help me to see.  AMEN


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