Holy Frustration

Frustration is a fact of life.  We frustrated with people, life, even God.

But what do you do when God dilberatly frustrates you?

Paul wants to go east, but the Holy Spirit says no.  He doesn’t tell Paul what to do immediately until he receives a dream to go to Macedonia.

The enslaved Jews in Egypt were frustrated when Pharaoh wouldn’t let them go the first time.

In each of these examples God had a purpose say, “wait”!  What is frustrating you and why is God making you wait?

Build faith.  Your current level of faith is ready for what God has planned.  So while you work through your frustration your faith grows.

Develop trust.  Frustration tests your resolve to remain faithful.  Either God is in this or not.  You’ve got to believe.

Victory is sweeter when you have to wait for it.  When your breakthrough happens, and it will, God will get the glory.

PRAY: Dear Jesus, I’m frustread but I recognize that you are in it.  Help me today.  AMEN