Good Morning

Normally I do not write in the morning.  But I got up and realized that my brain, “glitched”, therefore, I didn’t write yesterday.  I’ll just write it off as a casualty of Monday and move on.

God gave Stephen the power to work great miracles and wonders among the people.” Acts‬ ‭6:8‬ ‭

This is the first verse from my devotions this morning.

Steven was one of the deacons previously chosen to assist feeding the widows who lived in Jerusalem.   The word “deacon” translates into “some one who waits tables”.  That’s it,  but how did he do it?

We know that he was part of this feeding program, but apparently he also prayed for people too.  God gave him the power to see miracles and healings.  As you read on you will also discover that the Holy Spirit helped him be a great apologist for the Gospel.  He could teach and preach.

It has been a while since I’ve said, “Faith + Action = A Blessing”.  But Stephen took action on his faith and became a blessing to others.  Practically, he helped to feed those who could not help themselves. But I suspect that while he was handing out food he was asking.  “How can I pray for you?”  God honored his faith and answered his prayer.

Can you take your faith to the next level?  Can you hand out food and ask people, “How can I pray for?”  Can you teach a Bible class to a group of kids and be involved in their life?  Can share your faith and you serve others?  You know, that waiting on table stuff.

Do the practical then give God a chance to do the supernatural.

PRAY: Dear Jesus, help to do something practical then help me to take it to the next level.  AMEN.