For A Moment I Was A Superhero

When I was 12 years old our family went on a trip to Washington DC.  It was one of those vacations you would never forget.  But on the way there we made a pit stop.

Of corse in those days you didn’t have cell phones or gps.  As a 12 year old you only had one thing to read, the Atlas.  I would study that thing for hours.  Somewhere in Tennessee I observed a place called Oak Ridge.  If you don’t know it was called the Secret City.  It was originally built by the Manhattan Project.  That’s right, they made Atomic Bombs there.

In Oak Ridge there Is The Museum of Science and Energy..  I wanted to go, mostly because I was tired of riding in that car and I loved to study science.  In there they had a electrostatic generator.  You know, one of the silver orbs you put your hand on that makes your hair stand on end?

They had a demonstration of this generator and I was picked to help.  There on a wood box I stood with my hand on the generator.  They flipped the switch and every hair on my head stood up.  Now I remember them telling me that there was 500,000 volts of electricity running through my body.  It might have been 5,000 for all I know.  For this 12 year old it was a lot.  But what happened next lead  me to believe this was bigger than your average science experiment.

I stood on the box and extended my fist out in the direction of  a new volunteer who was extending his fist towards me.  Sparks started flying out of my fist.  I could feel the electricity building up on my arm.  Then FLASH, a bolt of lightning flew from my fist into his.  It was so bright the audience  gasped and jumped in their seats.  To a 12 year old, I was a superhero.  I wanted a cool name and a cape.  Then someone flipped the switch and turned the generator off - it was over.

2 Cor. 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

With that generator I was invincible (or at least I felt that way).  Without it I was just a kid.  

You may feel weak and helpless today.  That you can nothing that will make a difference.  That you are just a 12 year old kid, powerless in a big world.  On your own you’re right.  But with Christ all of that changes.

He is the, “Switch” that changes everything.  In your weakness His power shines through.  Superman has his kryptonite.  His weakness can defeat him.  Your weakness is your strength, when you place your faith and trust in Christ.  The Holy Spirit empowers us to do His will in a world that doesn’t need a superhero.  It needs a Savior.  Jesus.

PRAY. Dear Jesus, I give you my weakness so you can do great things in my life AMEN