Everything Works Better Together

Acts 2:44 And all who believed were together and had all things in common.

Luke gives us a description of what the early church looked like.  One of the things that jump out at me is their desire to be together.  

Before you think, well that's nice, follow along.  Luke is showing us what made the church successful in the first century.  One of the things that he emphasizes is fellowship.  No, I'm not talking about a fried chicken dinner (even though I have nothing against that).  I'm talking about a community of believers who took care of each other.  

Some have taken this passage to mean that the early church practiced some kind of spiritual communism.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  No one was coerced to give.  They gave of their time, their talents and treasures freely from their hearts.  But I digress.  

Think about what happens when you hang out with fellow believers.  You worship together.  You pray together.  You learn about Christ together.  You practice life together.  You work together to accomplish something great for Jesus.  Everything that makes the church successful happens because its followers do it as one.  

There are no Lone Ranger Christians in the Bible.  We were created to be part of something that is bigger than ourselves. 

So how does this fellowship thing work? 

Koinonia - Koinonia is a Greek word in the Bible that usually translates fellowship or communion. It is being in agreement with, united in purpose, and serving side by side with each other.  Don't think of Koinonia as being fellowship, think of it as what fellowship is.  A bond that is so deep and valuable that you trust the ones you fellowship with your life.

Philoxenia - This word translates hospitality.  But when you break it down, Philo means brotherly love and xenia implies stranger of an immigrant.  Showing love to strangers.  

Agape - Love.  A self-sacrificing love that doesn't expect anything in return.  Jesus showed you that love, and He desires for us to show it to each other.  

So let's put it all together.  Fellowship, in the church, is an inclusive (not exclusive) group of followers who welcome all to be a part of their life and future.  Giving all to each other so that no one is without. 

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, teach me to be a part of Your fellowship.  The Church.  AMEN