Running From God

I am studying Jonah right now.  Every time I read this book I think, “Jonah, did you actually think that you were going to get away with this?”  Apparently, He did.

In chapter one we find him downstairs asleep.  There is a team outside that has the sailors scared out of their mind.  But Jonah doesn’t care.  Why is he asleep?  Why doesn’t he care.  We really don’t know but I have an idea.

Jonah may be thinking that he is just going to wait God out.  That if he stays down there long enough that God will just give up.  No one ever accused Jonah of making good decisions.  But that got me thinking.

How many times have we ever tried to, “wait God out”.  God tells us to do something and we ignore it.  Ignoring God is the same as running from God.  Even though our life is in the middle of a storm.  Even though everyone around you is wondering why your in the middle of a storm.  We act like nothing is wrong.

God is patience.  It is an extension of His loving character.  God has all the time in the world and He can wait for you as He did with Jonah.  Ask God for the courage to face the challenges He presents you with.  He wants you to succeed, let Him help you do it.

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, give me the courage to be the person you created me to be.  AMEN