What Do You Mean I Can't Go To The Bathroom!!!

So this afternoon I am working at my desk, and someone knocked at the door.  One of the construction workers from the drainage project in front of the church asks me, "Do you have a bathroom?"  I said, "Sure do you need to use it?"  "No" was his reply, "but I need you to show me where it is?"  After walking outside,  I discovered that FPL had moved it. Then after figuring out how deep it was, he declared, "Well, you're not going to able to go to the bathroom for a while, we have to change all of this."

I drink water and coffee.  The thought of not being able to go to the bathroom isn't a pleasant one.  So how would you react to such a statement?

Some who would just fly off the handle.  Yelling and going on about how unfair this was.

Others who would just complain about this.  Years later, if you mention the project, they would recount how they waited an hour.

What did I do?  "No problem.  Do whatever you have to do."

27 Pro. 27:17 Whoever restrains his words has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding.

PRAY: Dear Jesus, help me to keep my cool today.  AMEN