God Does Answer Prayer

God answered a prayer for me this weekend.  One that I have been praying about for around 7 years.  You read that right, 7 years.  

If we let it, our desire for instant gratification can overwhelm our faith and discourage us.   Waiting and having patience just isn't a part of our DNA.  

Ps 27: 14 Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!

I've seen some followers of Christ roll their eyes when you talk about patience, thinking it is a bad thing.  But think about this.  

When your marriage is going through a tough time, have patience.  It will change. 
When your career seems to be in a drought, have patience.  It will change. 
When you're going through a tough time, have patience.  It will change. 

Patience is a process that forces us to wait on God for His will and wisdom in our lives.  
Patience is time set aside for you to mature into your solution. 

The key to having patience is who or what you focus on.  When you focus on Christ, then everything will be done in His time.  When you focus on your problem or yourself, then nothing will happen on time. 

How do you practice patience? 
#1 - Watch your attitude towards having patience.  If it is negative, it will have an effect on everything that you think and do. 
#2 - Patience places your faith in the solution - Jesus.  Everything is in His timing.  Impatience will focus on your fears.  Fear will push you to do something, anything and usually the wrong thing.  
#3 - Wisdom will guide your patience.  Pray for wisdom and patience will be your friend.  

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, I will be patient if You will guide me.  AMEN  

P.S. The prayer that God answered?  It isn't mine to tell.  It is someone else's story that they will give God credit for.  I have been praying for the day that they could tell that story.