Christmas Changed Everything

You and I live in a world where we work hard to keep everything balanced and even-keeled. If we can keep everything the same (or close to thereof), we'll do it.  Chaos isn't our friend and when schedules get confused, and you end up having to be in two places at once - nerves get fried.

Here is another thought you might want to consider.  What if God doesn't respect our efforts to keep everything the same?  Could it be possible that our efforts to control our lives is nothing more than a futile form of idolatry?

Consider the words of Jesus.  Matthew 16:24 Then Jesus said to his disciples: If any of you want to be my followers, you must forget about yourself. You must take up your cross and follow me.

Do you think that #1 He was just talking to the disciples or #2 He was talking to you?
- Answer: #1 and #2.

Think about Christmas
- Mary and Joseph were planning a beautiful and quite life together.
- The Shepherds went to sleep thinking they would wake up to another day.
- Wisemen were doing what wise men do - until . . .

- An Angel visits Mary.
- Joseph has a dream.
- Shepherds are visited by an angelic choir.
- Wisemen have to discover who is so important to be born under a specific star.

Seems to me that God doesn't have a problem making changes to your life.

- Mary was willing.
- Joseph was obedient.
- The Shepherds were courageous.
- The Wisemen were honored.

Ask yourself this question, "Have you give God permission to mess your life up?"

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, I give my life to You, for You to do as You please.  AMEN