When Life Throws You A Curve

All of a sudden you are going along and BOOM!  You get a phone call - a letter in the mail - a email that changes everything.

Yesterday I got a phone call - Anneka twisted her ankle.  Don't worry she is going to be ok.  But for a dancer that will scare the daylights out of you.

I got a jury summons.  That usually isn't a big deal but it is on a very, very important week.

Ecclesiastes 9:12 For man does not know his time. Like fish that are taken in an evil net, and like birds that are caught in a snare, so the children of man are snared at an evil time, when it suddenly falls upon them.

Trouble will come whether you like it or not.  Now I can hear someone saying, "But I thought that if I followed Jesus He would solve all my problems"!  Nope, Jesus never said that.  He did promise to never leave us through the trials that we would have to go through.  So let's look at a few things. 

#1 - If you are in trouble remember that you are not alone.  Jesus will always be with you no matter what. 
#2 - Even in impossible situations He is still the answer.  Don't quit or give up.  God is bigger than your problem. 
#3 - Remember that problems will never lead to your doom.  

PRAY: Dear Jesus, help me to make you bigger than my problems today.  AMEN  


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