What A Success!

I heard someone say recently, "Hang your hat on every little win you achieve and before you know it, you will accomplish your dreams."

- Had an excellent service at church today.  6 people dedicated their lives to Christ.
- Got to dedicated a teenager who is being adopted by his grandmother.  A first for me.
- Sent a carload of food to a local fire station.  We appreciate our firemen and first responders.
- Watched great teams work together to do great things.  (Hats off to the kitchen team.)
- Enjoyed a wonderful holiday meal to kick off the season!  (Whoever made the cheesy cornbread, WOW!)
- It was a great way to kick off the holidays!

I have conversations with people all the time.  Not that I am pigeonholing anyone, but I do notice a trend among some.

#1 - Some people are eternally optimistic.  Even when they feel down, they quickly rebound.
#2 - Some people are eternally pessimistic.  They see the worst in everything - all the time.
#3 - Some people are eternally frustrated.   They can't decide if they are optimistic or pessimistic so they are just, "istic" I guess.

Philippians 2:5 Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus,

Having the mind of Christ.  That's where the whole WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) thing came from.  The problem with WWJD was simple.  It didn't address the attitude that should precede the action.  

I've heard people who were working to help unfortunate people say, "I hate these kinds of people."  
I've heard people say, "You know the only reason why I am doing this is that someone made me." 

To have the mind of Christ you have to do a few things. 
#1 - Read the Word of God.  If you want to know how God is, then read His Word. 
#2 - Let the Holy Spirit change you.  He is an excellent teacher. 
#3 - Be accountable to others.  If you are struggling, ask someone to help you change. 

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, I want to be a success, but my attitude needs to change.  Help me please,  AMEN  


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