The Sun Shined In A Storm

So yesterday I watched a tropical storm develop in the Gulf of Mexico - Philippe.  With a important Sunday service, church dinner and business meeting I thought to myself, “Oh great”!

I get up this morning to clear sky’s.  I check the radar, no rain.  I read the forecast, no rain.  What happened?  Did the storm dissipate during the night?  No, in fact it was just making landfall in South Florida. Not only that but the track took it through Palm Beach County, just south of where I live. A tropical storm was moving through my area with no rain, and little to no wind. I’ve lived in Florida over 30 years and never seen anything like this.

Isaiah 4:6 There will be a booth for shade by day from the heat, and for a refuge and a shelter from the storm and rain.

no matter how dark it is right now remember this.  God can always make the sunshine in the middle of your storm.

PRAY: Dear Jesus, I need some sunshine today.  AMEN 


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