Hurricane Irma Is Over!!!!!

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, couldn't find any internet.  Going to be a bit sketchy for the next few days too.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 give thanks in all circumstances . . . 

Hurricane Irma is over.  Finally!!  You have probably been feeling a variety of emotions after the fact.

#1 - Exhaustion.  Once the winds died down you probably fell asleep.  But you need more.  Don't push yourself over the edge now.
#2 - Guilt.  You may feel some guilt over the fact that the hurricane that was suppose to hit here on the East Coast but went to the West Coast.  These kinds of feelings are normal but remember, you didn't choose to send the hurricane anywhere.
#3 - Thankfulness - When you went outside, regardless of the damage, you were probably thankful that it wasn't any worse.

Who do you thank?

Thank God!  Thank God that He was with you during the storm.  Thank God that He gave you the common sense needed to protect you and your family before the storm.  Thank God that He will be the one to provide for your needs after the storm.  You have a lot to thank God for so with that said. . .

#1 - Stop what you are doing right now and sincerely tell God, "Thank You!"
#2 - Apprecaite what you have the people who are around you.
#3 - Go to church this Sunday and take a few moments to share your thanksfulness to God for His protection with others who will do the same.  (Believe me, it makes a BIG difference.)

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, THANK YOU!  Amen

PS - If you don't know where to give to help people on the West Coast, I would suggest that you go to Convoy of Hope