The Saddest Sunday Of My Life

A number of years ago I was in church praying for people on a Sunday morning.  If you have never been in a Pentecostal church, sometimes we call people forward and pray with them personally.  (It's in the Bible.)  As I was praying the Holy Spirit drew my attention to a specific person.  He wanted to tell them something.  I called the person forward, not knowing what I was going to say, and what I said even shocked me.  In essence, they couldn't defeat the temptation that they were facing.  They needed God's help.  That if they would simply give their life to Him - He would intervene. (Here is the interesting part - something that I have never done before or since.)  If they would submit to God, He would give them a long life.  But if they didn't, they would be dead in a few days.  This person looked at me with eyes of anger, got up and stormed out of the church.  Three days later the police found his body.  A drug deal went bad.  

Before you think I've lost it - I've met plenty of pastors who can tell similar stories.  God is the God of second chances - but you have to accept your chance on His terms.  

Luke 19:41 And when he drew near and saw the city [ Jerusalem ], he wept over it,

Why was Jesus weeping?  Because they had rejected Him.  They believed He was a great man, a great prophet, a great miracle worker - but the Messiah, Savior, Son of God?  No.  He knew the suffering that they would experience for their rejection.  

But here's the deal.  Even though they rejected Him, He still died for them.  Even though they wouldn't believe, He wouldn't give up.  I'm 53 years old, turning 54 in about 6 weeks.  I can say that I have lived long enough to see this fact.  Choosing to follow sin will destroy everything.  Choosing to follow Christ will give you hope. 

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, I choose to obey You and experience hope today.  AMEN