Take Time To Appreciate . . .

So today I got to spend some time with a friend of mine.  I wasn't supposed to, and I wasn't planning on it, but I did.  He was painting a large room by himself.  I know those jobs.  They get boring and lonely fast.  So I decided to stick around.  We talked about life, family, and stuff.  He did the painting I retrieved a screwdriver.

When it was over he thanked me for staying with him.  Saying that I offered him some spiritual help. He said he was praying that he wouldn't fall off the ladder and then asked if I would pray also.  I did and then stood at the bottom of the ladder.  (Seemed obvious to me that God answered his prayer.)

Ecclesiastes 4:9 Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.

It was worth it.  I enjoyed it.  He got half of the room painted.  It really does look good.  

Why did I do it?  Because you have to stop what you are doing and appreciate the people God has placed around you.  You may not get to do it every day.  But when the opportunity presents itself, take it.  You'll be glad you did. 

PRAY;  Dear Jesus, let me appreciate my friends today.  AMEN  


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