Change Is Painful

Well, some change is painful.  Changing my socks isn't painful, and it is deeply appreciated by my family.

There is a good change that can happen in life.  However, it can be painful.  When your child marries and moves away.  When the first born child arrives.  When you buy your first house.  All of these things are good, but they bring about a change in life that can seriously change our routines and lifestyle.

There is a bad change that can happen too.  Some of these things are out of our control. When there is a death in the family.  A serious accident or disease strikes suddenly.  Some change is of our own design.  An unwise decision can cause pain.  Our selfishness can cause pain.

God never changes.
Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

This is excellent news.  You and I change every day.  The world changes every minute.  But God is reliable.  Meaning that His character and His promises never change.  This is the key to a solid foundation in your life.  Build everything on Him, and He will never shift or change even in the worst of situations.

Jesus illustrated this in the parable of the house built on sand.  (Matthew 7) When the guiding principles of your life are established in the rules and practises of this world, you are bound to it's ever changing whim.

God never flip flops.  I've heard people tell me, "God told me to do this!"  Ok then.  Then a short time later they will say, "God told me to do this!"  Except it is the exact opposite of what they said earlier.  When confronted on this they usually say, "God changed His mind."  Really?  God doesn't flip-flop.

God will always be greater than the pain of change if God is first in your life.
Sometimes we want to lash out at change.  "What right do you have to cause me pain!"  Now truth be known, we probably don't yell at change itself, but we will yell at someone who's associated with or responsible for it.

BUT, if God isn't greater than the pain, the pain of change will be your guide.
When we feel pain our brain kicks in and has one goal.  Get rid of it!  That's what it is supposed to do. But we all know that isn't always possible.  When you give it to God He will give you the strength you need to recover.  Trusting Him through this process will give you strength.  Trust Him, He is always greater than the change you face today.

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, help me to face the pain of change today.  AMEN


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