When you can't get wrong write.

My message was about dysfunctional families yesterday.  (I will be addressing that subject all month on Sunday Morning.)  I know some families that go out of their way to be as, "perfect" as possible.  That somehow they have it all together.  While it looks good, down deep, we know that it isn't possible.

My friend posted this pic today on Facebook.

Have you ever thought that you messed up something so bad that even God couldn't fix it?  Well, you are wrong.  Matthew 19:26 But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

What do you think Jesus was talking about?  Making the Sun come up every morning?  Feeding every bird on the planet?  Child's play to Him.  He was talking about our lives and how we mess them up.  

As a pastor of another church in South Florida, I received a phone call from one of my deacons on a Sunday morning.  "Pastor!"  he said.  "I've had it.  I'm going fishing.  I've got to have some, 'me' time.  God's just gonna have to understand."  I didn't argue with him, I knew that would be pointless, but I did say this.  "Go ahead and go fishing.  However, if God does something to get your attention promise me that you will not ignore Him."  He agreed and hung up the phone.  

Half way through the morning service this deacon walks in the back door and sits down on the back row. I can see that he looks whipped and ashamed.  After service, he walks up to me and asks, "Did you pray or something?"  I didn't understand the question per se, so I asked him to clarify.  He tells me that he went fishing and that he was looking forward to testing his new, expensive fishing pole.  He put his boat in the water, went to his fishing hole and put a hook in the water.  It wasn't 30 seconds, and he had a bite.  He knew he has something big.  Then, SNAP!  The brand new fishing pole broke, the line broke, and the reel was destroyed.  He was devastated.  

At that moment he recalled our conversation and quickly surmised that God DIDN'T understand.  He quickly got the boat on the trailer and hurried to church before it was over.  He never went fishing on Sunday again as long as I was his pastor.  

There are lessons to be learned in life.  Lessons that will help us abandon our dysfunctional ways.  Know this: You and your problems are never out of God's reach. 

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, I've made some mistakes in my life, and there are certain things about me I am not proud of.  Will you help me change?  AMEN  


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