Watching is Learning

Who are you watching?

Do you watch people who feud with you?
Do you watch people who encourage you?
Do you watch people who don't care about you?
Do you watch people who will never change your life?

So this morning (Sunday) we were praying for individuals who needed healing.  We're Pentecostal - we roll like that.  While praying for a couple of people they were, slain in the Spirit.  Question: Why do people fall down while being prayed for?  Answer: Because they can't stand up!  The presence of God is so strong that one can become weak in the knees.  People I have been doing this for over 30 years - believe me, it happens. (and it's ok!) Back to the story.  So as I scanned the area I see a little boy laying down on the front pew.  He was near the two who were slain in the Spirit hovering over their faces.  In my mind I thinking, "Oh dear God, if these people open their eyes they are going to get the surprise of their life."  I had visions of people screaming while violently swatting that little face away from themselves.  I look over at my wife with horror and point in the general direction of the problem.  In one fell swoop, she is off the platform and has said child by the hand.  Now he isn't in trouble.

After service, he was full of questions.  Want to guess what #1 is?  Why did they fall down?  At the age of six, he had a genuine desire to understand what was going on.  Why do we raise our hands?  Why do we sing?  Why do we pray?

This little boy was watching us and learning from what we were doing.

Hebrew 12:2 fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.  (NIV) 

Who are you watching?  Whoever it is, you are learning how to be like them.  

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, help me keep my eyes on you today.  AMEN  

Easter is Sunday, April 16th.  #1 Go to church Easter Sunday.  #2 If you are on the Treasure Coast go to FFWC.