Roses Will Bloom Again

Today's blog is a little different.

Last Saturday a friend of mine called.  He has been on a ventilator for the last month due to a car accident.  His back is broken in 5 places.

Another friend of mine just texted me that his mom, who should have had routine cancer procedure today, discovered that that cancer is worse than expected.  Surgery will not help.

I also recently learned that the wife of one of my friends had surgery recently for chronic pain.  The surgery apparently didn't work.

In the last few days, I have met people whose cancer has returned, operations have not gone as planned or received bad news from their doctors.

A few years ago I read a little book by Oral Roberts.  Here is a portion of a story that has never left me.

"I remember several years ago Evelyn and I were driving across the deserts of the southwestern United States. We stopped the car and walked out into the desert in that barren waste. And for the first time I saw the desert rose. I wondered then how it could grow out of the hard packed earth. And the scripture came to me from Isaiah 35:1 where God said that the desert shall blossom as the rose. And then I remembered that it takes God to put the bloom in the rose. But more than that it takes God to change the desert of your life.

What is God trying to say to you and me at this time in our existence? I think He’s trying to say that He’s not through with our lives. That the works of God are not over. You may have lost a loved one. You may have a loved one that’s in a desperate condition right now. You may have something terribly wrong in your body. There may be some personal tragedy. Your soul may be far, far away. You may need something you feel is beyond your power to grasp. But I say unto you… CHEER UP, ROSES WILL BLOOM AGAIN because God is alive. God is in the now of your life and He’s closer to you than your breath and God is going to make the roses bloom again for you."

PRAY: Dear Jesus, Please let ROSES BLOOM AGAIN! Amen.  

If you have the chance today, please pray for the people I have mentioned.  They would appreciate it.