That Was Awful

So who's your neighbor?

What is Important To You?

Christ is our heart . . .

The Devil Is In the Details.

I Like Saying Yes

I Like Saying No

Bitter or Better

Someone Called Me Senile

Frustrating Isn't It?

Belief vs. Unbelief

The End - or is it?

Do You Know What You Are Looking For?

This Monday Isn't Blue

He's Alive!

Sunday's a comin'

Today is Good Friday

And It Begins

Jesus on Wednesday

On this day over 2,000 years ago

Monday in Jerusalem

Watching is Learning

Wow, All I Can Say Is Wow!

You Better Believe It

Roses Will Bloom Again

Perfection Is A Big Fat Lie

I had to laugh

When you can't get wrong write.

I'm Tired!

When it all comes unglued at the seams!