When Disaster Strikes

As I was eating lunch my phone notified me that there was a tornado on the ground in New Orleans La.

Quickly I pulled up Instagram, The Weather Channel App, and Facebook.  Literally minutes after the tornado had passed people were posting evidence of its destruction.

No one got up this morning expecting to face disaster.

No one got up this morning expecting to have their life turned upside down.

No one got up this morning expecting their life or community to change.

No one ever does.

One of my favorite passages is Heb 13:5 “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

In the midst of the storm, Jesus is right there with you.

PRAY:  Dear Jesus,  Please help me to remember that you are in the midst of my storms.  Also, help everyone in New Orleans La. today.  They need to know you are right there with them too.  AMEN.

- If you attend Faith Family Worship Center, then you can give via our website or in our next service.  
- If you do not attend FFWC, then I recommend that you give to Convoy of Hope.  It is where we send our support for disaster relief. 


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