What Do You Know?

This morning I am traveling to Clewiston to teach at the District School of Ministry.  Individuals who desire to go into the ministry receive training in the Bible and different ministry skills.

Today I am teaching Synoptic Gospels.

1 Cor. 8:1...This “knowledge” puffs up, but love builds up.

I remember a few years ago a student in one of my classes who was convinced that he knew everything about everything.  You've met the type.  Needless to say, his day didn't go well.  By the end of the class, he had to admit that he needed to study more about this subject.

Many times we go through life believing that we knew everything that we need to know.  But here is the one thing that we forget.  Knowledge is worthless without love.  If we are going to make wise decisions, then we need knowledge.  But if we are going to build people up, then we need to love them first.

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, I want to love people today.  Let me encourage someone today.

PS  Tomorrow is Football Sunday at FFWC.  I am going to share in the a.m. an illustrated message in at 10:30 am then we are going to watch the big game at 6:30 pm ffwc.us.