The Day I Almost Lost Her

Betty and I were pastoring in Coral Springs.  We were living in an apartment near the church which was comfortable for a couple like us.  One day the upstairs apartment water line sprung a leak and poured water into our apartment for days.  In those days mold wasn't an important issue for property owners.  It should have been because what happened next almost ended my marriage.

Once morning Betty was in the bathroom and she said, "I can't breathe very well."  I went into the bathroom to find her in a full blown panic.  Her fingernails were turning black, her lips and tongue were turning blue.  I knew we were in big trouble.  Our doctor was just down the road from our apartment, so I put Betty in the car and drove really, really fast.

The head nurse was married to one of my deacons in the church.  As soon as she saw Betty, she grabbed her and pulled her into an examination room.  I parked the car and walked back in.  The nurse took me aside and said, "Your wife is in bad shape.  She will either live or die in the next 20 minutes."  Yikes!  I walked into the room to find my wife gasping for air.  I walked over to her, hugged her and began to pray.  20 minutes went by; she was still alive but not out of the woods.  After an hour or so she was able to breathe again, but it was tough.

For the next few weeks' she slept at the head nurses home where she could watch her at night.  After she had come home, we had to start a nightly ritual around 1, or 2 am.  We would get up, go for a drive and crank up the AC as cold as possible.  It was the only way she could breathe.  It wasn't long after we moved that we figured out mold was continuing to grow under the carpet.

I quoted this verse last Sunday,   Proverbs 18:22 He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.

Every day I have thanked God for finding a wonderful wife who loves me.  Every day you should be the best spouse you can be.

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, help me to be the person you want me to be to my spouse, my family and my friends.  AMEN

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