Miracles Happen

You Are What You Think

Where did Monday come from?

Where Is Your Oasis In The Desert

You Can Go Kicking and Scream Or . . .

Why Are You In A Desert?

The Tough Get Going - To The Desert

Can You Hear Me Now?

Manna, Water and Quail - Oh My!

Are You In The Desert?

Marriage Never Made Me Happy

And . . . . We're Homeless

The Day I Almost Lost Her

The Car That Saved My Marriage

It's Valentines Day (and I'm horrible at it.)

Home is an Airstream Trailer (kind of)

The Time My Wife Crashed In This Stand of Trees


God of Second Chances

That Didn't Go Well

Divorce, Despair and Discouragement

When Disaster Strikes

I'm Exhausted - Super Bowl Edition - Part 2

When Your Exhausted - Super Bowl Edition

Super Goal!

What Do You Know?

Connect To A Football

Connect To Yourself