You Light Up My Life!

I heard someone say this the other day.  "Oh, I just love that song, You Light Up My Life!"  If you were around back in the 70's then you what you did after the 8th or 9th week of it being on the top Billboard chart.  Turn it off!  The song wasn't bad - you were just worn out from listening to it.

So what does light up your life, but doesn't wear you out?  For me, it is simple.  Jesus - My Wife - My Daughter and God's Calling on my life, to name a few.  So how is it that I can enjoy the presence of these things day after day without giving up on them?

Psalms 136: 1 - 3 Praise the Lord! He is good. God’s love never fails. Praise the God of all gods. God’s love never fails. Praise the Lord of lords. God’s love never fails.  God's love never fails.  

That means that each and everyday the love that He gives me is sufficient to love Him in return, then to love my wife, my daughter, my friend's and my church.

Does this mean that I am always happy with everything in my life?  No way!  There are days that God or even my family just get on my nerves.  (Don't worry, I get on theirs too.)  But I always love them.  That's why my relationship with them never become worn and old.  I may have liked, "You Light Up My Life, " but I was never in love with it.  I could turn it off without feeling any guilt.  I could never do that with God's love.

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, help me to receive and give your love to other today.  Your love never fails, and that's what I need.  AMEN!

Sunday - Jan 8th - The Stevens Family will be here in concert.  10:30 am
At 9:15 AM Life Groups for all ages.  Adults!  We are starting a new series entitled the 5 level of life.  This class will help you discover how to "level up" in 2017.


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