Are You Forgetting Something Today?

I did it.  I forgot to blog yesterday.  Sorry about that.  By the time I remembered, it was too late.  We've all done it.  We get occupied doing a project or helping a friend out and the day is over.

This reminds me of something that Paul writes in 1 Cor 11: ... Do this in remembrance of me ....  

Sunday we will participate in Communion.  The Lord's Supper.  Why do we do this regularly?  So we don't forget what Jesus did for us on the cross. 

But what can you do to remember Jesus everyday?  You can be a better follower of Jesus if you would just remind yourself.  Here are some ideas.

#1 - Read God's Word every morning.  
#2 - Pray every morning. 
#3 - Talk to your family about what you learned from God today OR review one of the great stories in the Bible.
#4 - Play some Christian music in the car as you go to work or school.

PRAY: Dear Jesus, I need you in my life of every moment of every day. I do not want to forget. AMEN