When Eyes Sparkle

Tonight (last night for those reading via email) was my daughters holiday show recital.  She had 8 dances which included jazz, musical theatre, modern, lyric, and contemporary.  When it was all over she was exhausted, but her eyes sparkled.  She had fun!

When was the last time you did something that just wore you out, but your heart was still in it?  You did not care if you were tired, it was worth it all!

I think about the characters of the Christmas story and how each of them had to commit to their part.. Wise men who travelled so far, they could have quit at any time - but they pressed on.  I wonder what their eyes looked like when they found Jesus?  I think about the shepherds who searched through the sleepy village of Bethleham.  Going from stable to stable search for a new born.  What did their eyes look like when they saw Jesus?  I think about Mary and Jospeh who were committed to her pregnancy and God's will.  What did their eyes look like when they saw Jesus for the first time.

I could go on.

14 “Luke 2:14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!”

I know when I looked into the eyes of my daughter tonight I could see the joy and life of a young woman who did an awesome job.  What do you see in your eyes now?  Do you see the hope that is worth it all when you see Jesus?

PRAY Dear Jesus, allow me to see what you see.  Allow me to see your hope, love and joy today.  AMEN

Sunday - Dec 18th is Christmas Sunday.  Our children's ministry will present a live nativity on Sunday Morning at 10:30 am