What Can I Do For You Today?

Jesus was always answering one question during His ministry.  "What can I do for you today?"  Now the Bible doesn't especially spell it out that way. However, His actions prove it to be true.  

How would Christmas change if we were to ask the same questions of others?  Instead of guessing what gift they would want, why not ask them what you can do for them?   (Do not ask them what they need - that is an entirely different question.) 

Help meet physical needs.  If you see someone who is hungry, feed them.  If you see someone who is naked, clothe them.  (Matthew 25) 

Help meet emotional needs.  Helping people carry their emotional needs is an all-important part of life.  Without others, how would we ever make it?  (Col. 6:2)

Help meet spiritual needs.  Praying for one another is one of our sources of strength.  Helping one another live a life of faith that honors Jesus is one of the highest callings we can embrace.  (James 5:16) 

The question gives you the opportunity to do something different and worthwhile.  But wouldn't you rather change someone's life for the better than offer them a fruitcake?