It's Here!!!!

2017 is almost here.  (Or depending on when you read this, it might already be here!)  Are you ready?

This week we have been challenging ourselves to look forward to the next year.  I know that many people they are willing to chuck 2016 out the door.  But there is nothing that says 2017 will be any better or worse.  Or is there?

All through the Bible, we are taught to place our faith in God for our future.  A future that He says is good. (Jer 29:11).  God says that your future can be long and fruitful.  (Ps 91:16)  A life that is good (John 8:12)

So with that said, what do you think is possible for 2017?  The possibilities are endless.

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, help me to see 2017 that you see it.  Help me to get excited about all the great things we are going to do together this year.  AMEN!

At 9 AM this morning you can join Faith Family Worship Center and me for a free breakfast.  Bacon, Eggs and home fries.  You and your family are more than welcome to come.  If not, then I will see you in service at 10:30 am.  We are kicking off 2017 properly - with prayer!


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