Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire

I have, to be honest with you, I never knew what a Chestnut was until I was an adult.  I love the Christmas Song and would sing it as a kid.  All the while wondering, "What is a Chestnut?"

Then one Thanksgiving Day Betty and I were invited to someone's house for Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was an Italian family, so it wasn't a Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a Thanksgiving feast!  At one point someone brought out a cookie sheet out of the oven with these round objects on it.  I didn't know what they were so I asked.  Everyone laughed at me, and someone said, "Don't you know?  Those are Chestnuts!"  I felt like an idiot, but I ate one and I liked it!!

Christmas is a lot like those Chestnuts.  There are a lot of people out there who don't know what it is all about.  But if they were to find out boy would they love it!  First of all, take a few moments today and thank God that you can experience the real life and love of Jesus.  His gift to you every day.  Take a few minutes to embrace His love in your life.

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, thank You for this day and Your love.  Thank You that I know You with all my heart.  I am asking for Your help today.  Help me to share Your love with someone who doesn't know you at all.  Help me to share Christmas with someone today.  AMEN!