As You Start A New Week

Today was a great day to start the week.

Life Groups were awesome.  Morning Worship was great!  The message challenged us to be good.  (If you were not here, you might want to get a copy of this one.)  I had a great lunch with some of our leadership team.  Soup Kitchen was a beautiful time of serving others for both adults and Voltage youth. 

So, can Monday be just as good as Sunday?  Yes it can, but it will be different.  

While Sunday for most people is a day off from work, Monday is a work day. 

While Sunday winds down our weekend, Monday winds up our week.  

So i got to thinking, how did Jesus start His day? We don't know a lot about Jesus' habits, but from what we do know we can surmise a few things that we can do. 

Jesus prayed in the morning.  Mark 1:35. Now I am the first to tell you, I am not a morning person.  Praying in the morning isn't easy for me.  But it can be done.  Now for some people it is the very first thing they do when they get up.  Great!  But for people like myself I have to drink my coffee, read my Bible, walk 20 minutes and eat my breakfast before I pray.  

Jesus knew what He was going to do before He did it.  John 5:19. Jesus declared that He did what the Father did and said what the Father said to Him.  He always had an idea of what He was going to do from day to day.  That isn't to say that He wasn't surprised by some events but it is to say He was prepared to face His day.  Do you know what you are going to do today?  

Jesus saw the big picture. Luke 19:10 Do you know what your big picture is?  Are you fulfilling that mission in your life today?  I find that many people say they know what they are suppose to be doing but their daily life doesn't reflect that truth. 

Pray about your "big picture" - see your "big picture" - live your "big picture" and discover how God will empower you to make your mission become a reality.