All Good Things . . .

All good things come to an end.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and then Christmas Day.  We have listened to more Christmas music than we care to admit.  (For me that is the Nutcracker - Thanks, Anneka.)  Eaten more Christmas cookies than we care to remember and attended all the festive events we could fit into our schedule.

At 11 pm on Christmas Eve, we will worship Jesus and celebrate His birth.  I love that service for one particular reason.  In all the busyness of the holidays, we stop and remember.  In the midst of the Christmas hymns and candlelight communion we push the noise of the world out and allow the peace of God to saturate our souls.  While the Christmas traditions and events are all good, they will come to an end - at least until next year.

But Christmas will never end.  Christmas is Jesus, and Jesus is Christmas.  They are the same thing.

Remember, Jesus' gift to you.  His love, mercy, and salvation.

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, as I remember what you have done for me, let me give thanks and worship You.  Thank You for all you do.  AMEN.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion will be at 11 pm.
Christmas Day Service will be at 11 am.
Faith Family Worship Center in Palm City, Florida.