When You Are Under Pressure!

The Bible gives us lots of examples of being under pressure.  Gideon, Moses, Elijah, Nehemiah and others.  But when I think about being under pressure I like to go to the New Testament.  Jesus, Peter, and Paul are just a few I can name.  But why the New Testament?

Nothing against the Old Testament, but we have something that they didn't.  The fulfillment of Christ's Messiahship through His death and resurrection.  The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on every believer and the early churches model for us to embrace.

I want you to know that whatever you are facing today has been encountered by a believer before.  The names may have changed, but the pressure hasn't.  Jesus knows what you are facing, and He knows what to do!  So what can you do today?

Let's go to Phil 4:6 where it says, "do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God."

#1 Pray.  Prayer changes things!!  When you feel pressure and are worrying about something.  Pray!  Ask God to help you through your situation.  Remember this, though.  While you may pray for God to change your circumstances, He may be trying to get you to change your perspective.  Prayer focuses on Jesus, not on our problem.

#2 Ask.  You've got needs - God has answers.  Pour our your heart to Him and let your heartfelt needs be known.  Don't worry; His shoulders are big enough to handle your need.  Let God have it.

#3 Give Thanks.  Giving thanks is the one that most people don't understand.  How can you give thanks when you are in desperate need?  Simple.  Remember His promises.  For every need, you present, thank God for the promise He has given you to cover it.  If you don't know His promises you can do a little research and discover what the Word of God has to say about you need.  (Or you can email me, I would be happy to help.)

This Sunday at FFWC is Thanksgiving Sunday.  Concert with Renee Rowan Basel followed by an excellent Thanksgiving Dinner!  You're more than welcome to come if you are in the area.


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