What happened?

Every feel like you missed out on something?

All of us have felt like that at one time or another.  But what do you do about it?

James, the half-brother of Jesus - Pastor of the church in Jerusalem - writer of the book of James, was someone who missed out.  You see, James wasn't one of Jesus' disciples.  In fact, we read from the Gospels, that he and his siblings tried to have Jesus committed at one point.  Ouch!

Apparently, after Jesus' resurrection, James discovered that he had missed out on something.  Very quickly James went from being a doubter to an unbeliever.  That's the thing about missing out.  It motivates you to do something about it.  So what are you missing?

It depends on your priorities.  You will always fill like you've missed on what you prioritize in your life.  Think about it.  Is your priority your family? But you are always at work; then you probably resent your job.  If your priority is Jesus, but you missed church this last Sunday, you probably dislike the reason why you missed.  What can you do about it?

Take a page out of James book.  Stop missing out and change your direction.  Do you realize that Jesus and all of his half-brothers were trained to be carpenters?  James changed his profession just because he thought he was missing out on something.  Change is a good thing as long as you make the right choices.

Speaking of things that you shouldn't miss.  This Sunday is Thanksgiving Sunday.  We are having our annual Thanksgiving Dinner after morning worship.  You are your family are welcome to attend.  Also, Renee Basel will be here in concert.  You will love her music and her ministry.  This Sunday is going to be a beautiful day at FFWC!