That Second Wind

I forgot to blog Friday.  I'm sorry about that.  The holidays are hitting me a little harder than expected.

It is Saturday afternoon, and I am exhausted.  Honestly, I just want to sleep for a month.  We have all felt this way at one time or another.  With Sunday facing us, it is easy to say, "I'm going to sleep in." Or, "I just can't go another step."

I have to believe that Jesus felt this way sometimes.  The Gospels record how he would minister to people all day long, then exhausted He would seek some solitude.

There are times when completely exhausted I wanted to throw my hands up and quit.  But I didn't, why?  The reward was better than then sacrifice.

Going on vacation and tired from traveling.  You press on because your destination is worth it.

Going to work and plodding on.  You keep going because you need the money.

Starting a project that was harder than you expected.  You keep going because that sense of accomplishment is worth it.

Sunday's rewards are worth so much more than the sacrifice.  Meeting friends and enjoying each others company.  Connecting to Christ in a real and meaningful way.  Discovering how to navigate life, God's way!  (That's worth it all right there.)  Being part of something bigger than yourself and seeing God use it to change someone's world!  That's awesome!

So do what I will do tomorrow morning.  Get up and go!  Even if I am exhausted at the end of the day tomorrow, and I will be, it will be worth it all.


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