Living - Like A Boss

You've got to admit.  Solomon had the life.  Wisdom - Money - Power and more!  But did he live life like a boss?

When I read Proverbs, and Song of Solomon I get the feeling that he did enjoy his life.

But when I read Ecceleasties, I do not think that Solomon enjoyed life so much.  Whether Solomon was having a mid-life crisis or suffering from some depression, I don't know.

So here is the picture.  A man who is the richest most powerful man in the world goes from enjoying life to wondering what the meaning of life is.  What happened?

In Ecclesiastes 1:9 Solomon says, "What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun."  That phrase, "under the sun" is necessary.  Solomon is looking at life from a natural, rationalistic point of view.  Or in other words, what would life be like if you didn't factor God into your life?

He discovered that life is without meaning, purpose, and significance.
People live and die - that will never change.
Life is what happens to you and will happen to you - that will never change.
Power has always existed, and it has never been nor will ever be fair.
Nothing in life can give real satisfaction without factoring God into our lives.

Living like a boss isn't about the size of your bank account or the influence you have in culture.  It's about factoring God into every day of your life.  When you do that, living becomes a whole new enjoyable experience.

PRAY: Jesus help me to include you in everything I do today.  Help me to live like a boss.  AMEN