Like A Boss

Next Sunday's series is entitled, "Like A Boss."  It ss all about living your life with joy.  How can you live your life with grace and confidence, authority and finesse?  There is a misnomer among some followers of Jesus that you have to look and act like that you are just "making it."

It'ss called a scarcity mentality.  An attitude that says, there isn't enough to go around; therefore, I will never have enough.  It isn't true.

First of all,
God has never, nor will ever, suffer from lack.  Think about it.  He created the heavens and the earth from nothing.  He can make what you need from nothing.  (MIND BLOWN!)

People think that God is stingy because He doesn't give them what they ask.  When my daughter was a small child, she would ask for things that she couldn't have.  Her curiosity wanted to touch the kitchen knife - Dad said no.  God is generous, but he isn't going to give you anything that harms you.

All good things flow from Him.  Joy is good!  It comes from God.  Love is good!  It comes from God.  Hope is good!  It comes from God.  You get the picture.

So it's time for you to start living Like a Boss.  There is an abundance of joy out there.  So:

PRAY:  God I know that you are my source for everything in my life and I submit my will to that fact.  I also know that you are generous with the things that I need in my life.  Please help me receive all the good things you have in store for me.  I could always use some more joy, love, wisdom and hope.  God, you are good.  For that, I will praise and worship you now and forevermore.   AMEN.


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