It's The Same Thing Every Morning

Each morning I get the privilege to watch this little dance between a squirrel and the neighbor's cat play out on our back porch.  It goes something like this.

Cat show up and begs for some food.  He only eats about half of it.  Then he goes and lays down sunning himself on our back porch.

The squirrel emerges from the woods next door and sees the leftovers.  He makes a beeline to the food and then at the last minute - WHOA!  CAT!  The squirrel loses it.  He twitches, jumps up and down and chatters to the top of his little lungs.  Then the dance begins.

He gets on our roof and makes his way to a tree next to the roof.  He jumps on the tree and then jumps back on the roof.  He jumps on the tree and moves down a little father, then rushes back up to the roof.  He does this until he finally makes it to the cat's food and steals a piece.  At that moment he runs to the corner of the roof and enjoys his meal.  Then he does it all again.

What does the cat do?  Nothing.  He could care less.

Every morning - every day like clockwork.

What do we do every morning?  Are we the cat who can go through our day with confidence that all is well.  (He knows that if he sits on the back porch and looks sad enough either my wife or daughter will feed him.  I still have no idea who is training whom? )   Or are we the squirrel who worries and complains about something that doesn't exist?  (One day the squirrel missed the cat and was eating out of his food bowl, all the while the cat was one foot away watching him.)

What you do every morning makes all the difference in your day.

Luke 5:16 But he (Jesus) would withdraw to desolate places and pray.  The Bible goes on to tell us that many times he did this in the morning.   What was he doing?  The same thing that you and I need to be doing every morning.  Choosing how we will face our day.  Choosing how we will react to life's challenges.  Choosing to trust Jesus with our day rather than trusting ourselves.  If you want to change your day - change your morning.  But how Pastor?  Well, that is more than I can write here.  But email me.  I would be happy to help.