I Am Grateful - Day 3

Gratefulness requires you to think differently.  Here is what everyone has to do to be grateful. 

Recognize that God is the Creator of everything.  When you believe that God is on your side who loves you very much - you will have a reason to be grateful.  Otherwise, your whole life is nothing more than random luck.  

Believe that there is always something better.  Gratefulness requires you to see beyond the good in your life and discover what is better.  But remember, you've got to give up good to have better.

Refuse to compare yourself to someone else.  Life comparison is fatal.  In fact, comparing anything about yourself to anyone else will always be fatal.  Why?  #1 you never pick someone to compare yourself to that is less fortunate than yourself.  (That would be mean and selfish).  #2 You will pick someone who has what you want.  Being discontent will foster feelings of jealousy, not gratefulness. 

So as you count your blessings today, remember.  God loves you.  Jer. 29:11 God has a plan for you, and it is the best one possible.  You are unique.  Comparing yourself to someone else isn't fair to them.  


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