Happy Bday Betty!

Today is my beautiful wife's birthday.  I can't say enough about her and what she means to me - but let me try.

Gritty - She is gritter than me in fact.  She has a passion for seeing things through to the end.  She will not give up.  She will not quit.

Passionate - Her love for life is surpassed by no one, in my opinion.  Her desire to be a mom and a wife is unchallenged.  She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it and defend it.

Unique - She sees her world through a set of glasses that are neither rose-colored or blurred.  But it isn't the same way you see it.  She will enjoy life, regardless.

Lovely - While she has more mercy than me, and I don't' have a lot.  She is compassionate and kind.  She sees the good in others and believes in them when they cannot believe in themselves.

Stubborn - This isn't an insult, but it is a necessity in her life.  She will fight for the underdog.  She will champion for generosity and compassion.  She will stand beside you when no one else will.

Winner - When she sets her heart on something she goes for it.  Win or bust.  How do I know this?  A couple of months ago she said enough was enough.  She wanted to be healthier.  She wanted to feel better.  She did her homework and chose the best path to that goal.  Today she has lost 29 pounds and counting.

She is my wife, and I am so happy that I married her twice.


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