Handling Adversity - Like A Boss

Adversity and the Bible seem to go hand in hand.  Job, Jeremiah, Paul and others.

In my devotions this morning I read, “I suppose some could conclude that because Jesus is with us, everything will go well for us. Subtly, some of us might assume that the difference between those who love Jesus and those who don’t is that the people who love him get all the desires of their hearts. So they’ll have cars, and homes, and health, and strength. They will have abundant life because that’s what Jesus promises.

Yes, God wants to bless you. Yes, God is for you. He’s for your happiness, he’s for your health, he’s for your finances, and he’s for your success.

But without a doubt, bad things happen to good people.”
Excerpt From: Judah Smith. “Jesus Is.” 

So how do you handle adversity - Like A Boss?

#1 - Don't Worry.  We learned this last night we discovered in our Wed. Night Bible Study.  Paul tells us in Philippians 4 that we shouldn't worry.  God has the long-term details of your life already covered.  Just be obedient and follow Him.  Abraham did this.  Joseph did this.  Paul did this.

#2 - Rejoice in what is eternal.  Again Philippians 4 tells us to Rejoice.  It isn't a choice but a command.  So what can you rejoice about every day?  When we look at our lives, we have plenty of reasons to celebrate.  But those things will change.  What can you rejoice about today that you know, beyond any shadow of a doubt you can rejoice about tomorrow?  Jesus' promises?  Salvation?  God's grace? (Just to name a few.)

#3 - Focus on the good.  Paul tells us in Philippians 4 to think on things that are true, honorable, just and so on.  So do not think about things that are bad, your mistakes and failures or how someone abused you.

People make look on you with pity (which isn't a bad thing) because you are going through adversity. But that doesn't mean you have to act pitiful.  Don't fall into a victim mentality.  Be the boss of your adversity and don't let it define you.  


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